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Nothing to Lose

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Cast: Theo Maassen, Pieter Embrechts, Karst Woudstra, and Flip Filz

Director:Pieter Kuijpers


Year: 2008


Convicted for the brutal murder of his father, Johan has been sentenced to a mental institution, where he spends his days insisting the crime was one of self-defense an attempt to save his sister's life. Determined to prove his innocence, Johan escapes and goes in search of his mother, whose testimony he feels is the only thing that will clear his name. With the police quickly closing in, Johan kidnaps a 13-year-old girl and as both hostage and shield, she never truly knows if each breath will be her last.

Also known in the Netherlands by its Dutch title, TBS, which is a harsh prison sentence given to the most hardened criminals for the most monstrous crimes. TBS is forced rehabilitation, ending only when the patient is judged cured of insanity. I was looking forward to this as the cover and trailer both looked like this could of been a good film and I wasn't disappointed. The story is pretty simple and one we have seen before, a locked man escapes to try and prove his innocence. But what made this better than most like it is the execution, Director,Pieter Kuijpers did a great job telling the story slowly, letting the tension and suspense build until you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next. Theo Maassen did a terrific job as the convicted man, Johan. Also Lisa Smit was exceptional as the young girl, Tessa who is taken hostage by Johan in order to keep the police off his back while he attempts to find his mother. I am not going to give the entire story away but I can say this is a hard film to watch as it deals with the situation in real terms and never once does it sugar coat anything and for that I give all involved a lot of credit. The Dutch have proven with this film that they can make a movie that will compete with any other country. The end kinda came out of nowhere because not once during the movie did I expect it even if his mother's story of why he killed his father were true. The film keeps you guessing on that and leaves it all in the air till the very shocking end. If you got the stomach to handle a film that deals with this sort of mental illness on the toughest of terms then I highly recommend picking this up today as it is a solid thriller. Released by BFS Entertainment. **** Out Of *****