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Teen Boxer

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Cast: Christopher Khayman Lee,Chyler Leigh,Steven Bauer

Director:Pieter Kuijpers


Year: 1997


A young former kickboxer is needed for his old school as they prepare for competition against a rival school for ownership. But, the young kickboxer is afraid after nearly killing someone in a earlier tournament. He must now make his try to put his past behind him or his friends lose their school.

Teen Boxer was originally released back in 1997 under the name "Kickboxing Academy". It is a film aimed more to teens and it has a lot of Juvenile humor but that isn't a bad thing. There are movies you remember seeing years ago and you remember really liking them but when you get a chance to see them years later you wonder how you ever liked them in the first place. Teen Boxer could be one of those movies for some but for what it was at the time it is not a half bad film if taken for what it is. There's plenty of humor, some of it very funny other parts I found to be just corny but over-all I had a good time watching this again. The action is also plentiful with some of the fights being well done while others being a bit cheesy. But the film's biggest fame comes from the lead teen actress, Chyler Leigh(Grey's Anatomy) who in the film gets back with her old boyfriend and they have some steamy scenes together, but the boyfriend is played by her real-life brother,Christopher Khayman Lee. I have to admit it is a bit disturbing concerning he was 19 years-old and she was only 15 at the time not to mention the are related, I guess strange things happen in Tinseltown. Over-all this is worth a watch if you never seen it before, fan's of the "Karate Kid" movies will get a kick out of it and it is funny and it has a few nice twists along the way making it entertaining enough to recommend. After all this time it is nice to see some of these older movies making their way to DVD so we can replace those worn-out VHS tapes. Released by Infinity Entertainment Group. *** Out Of *****