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Cast: Tony Barry, Vince Colosimo, Colin Friels, Chris Haywood

Director:Morgan O'Neill


Year: 2006


Contract killer Jack Barrett has decided to retire from the gangster business - except the Down Under underworld does not want him to leave... and they have their ways of proving it. With racketeers, crooked cops and one investigative reporter putting both their lives in danger, Jack is about to find out that his employers idea of a pension includes a couple of bullets and a shallow grave.

I have to say from the cover and synopsis this looked like some good Aussie cinema and the hitman genre is most of the time a pretty exciting one so I was looking forward to seeing this. Colin Friels does a very good job playing out the hitman and the rest of the cast was not only good as well but all the characters were well-written. The film looks great and the soundtrack seems a perfect fit for the movie as well. There is some Aussie humour tossed it which some of us might not "get" but you can live with that because otherwise this is a well made movie. This Australian film was produced under the Project Greenlight banner, where a first time writer/ director was provided with $1 million dollars to get their film made, Director, Morgan O' Neill not only made this film but he also won the competition so I see a bright future ahead for him and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. Solo proves you don't need a large budget to make a good film when you got a good script,plot and performances that are all top-notch. If you enjoyed crime film's like "Long Stock" and "Pulp Fiction" then you are going to want to pick this DVD up this week. Released by BFS Entertainment. *** 1/2 out of *****