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Scream Queen

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Cast: Liz Lavoie, Nipper Knapp, Steve Paymer and Jason Boegh

Director: Tatiana Bliss


Year: 2003


B-movie Scream Queen Dana Lewis is tired of playing the helpless victim in straight-to-video movies and dreams of becoming a serious actress. After getting her "big break" as the lead in an independent film, the Scream Queen is forced to work on location in the Mojave Desert where she gets more than she bargained for - an obsessed fan as the director and a cast and crew of local weirdos. Under contract, Dana is forced to act in the movie and face her secret fear that she has no talent.

This is one film I knew right away I was going to enjoy, it has that comedy I enjoy and while it is slapstick it is done an intelligent way not like so many of the comedies made today. The film is about Dana Lewis, the ultimate scream queen and we get to follow her journey in the not so classy business, she is used by many in the business trying to benefit from her looks and her famous scream. The film features a cast of oddballs that you grow to love and even care about and there is plenty of laughs along the way as they poke fun at the business even if a lot of it really does happen and I am sure it does. At the core this is a spoof comedy but it is also a character piece about coming to terms with ones self and it is also a film about finding love when least expected. I am sure by now this has to have a cult following if it doesn't and you never heard of it then hear it hear first and go buy this DVD today. It is a good campy fun with characters that are both fun and loving. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****