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Deadliest Catch: Season 4

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Year: 2008


Experience one of the most dangerous professions in the world in Discovery Channel's top-rated, Emmy Award-winning hit series Deadliest Catch. Crab fishing this season on the turbulent, frigid Bering Sea proves to be exceptionally difficult as the injuries pile up. Two men get hurt by a loose picking hook, and a veteran fisherman is forced to end his fishing season early after a situation quickly turns life-threatening. Don't miss an exciting minute of these 16 episodes , and join us in After the Catch as the crews reflect on their adventures with host Mike Rowe.

This reality show about fishermen hunting for Alaskan Crab is about as addictive as it comes. You are taken in right away and it isn't long before you have your favorite boat and crew picked put and you root them on as the crab count begins. Basically They fish "derby style," which means every boat is competing to catch as much as possible in a fixed amount of time. They hope to earn up to a year's worth of salary in one week in what some call America's last great Gold Rush. This profession is not without the risks, there is plenty of danger in what these men are doing and you feel the concern every time a crew member gets hurt. You might ask how a show about crab fishing could be even a little interesting but let me tell you once you sit down to an episode you will be totally hooked. There is something for everyone here from action,adventure and even some real-life drama. It is an honor to watch these men risk it all to do the job they love to do, I would not last a day with these men but I can say Deadliest Catch is one of the best shows on Network TV today and worth the time spent watching and owning it. This is Season 4 so be sure to pick up the other seasons as well, you will not be disappointed. Besides the full season the the five-disc set also comes with 5 bonus episodes: After The Catch featuring Mike Rowe. I cannot recommend owning this entire series enough. Released by Image Entertainment/Discovery Channel. ***** Out Of *****