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Baseline Killer

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Cast: Jaquelyn Aurora, Lauren Carter,Jason Hurrell,Jana L. Laurin

Director:Ulli Lommel


Year: 2008


Two homicidal predators target a group of women in a warehouse on Phoenix's Baseline Avenue. Keeping their victims captive, the killers terrorize the women, then begin murdering them one by one.

Director, Ulli Lommel is one that offers up some hororr on a very small budget so what you see is what you gt from any of his films. This time around he directs a film that is loosely based on the true story of the Baseline Killer who operated along a stretch of Baseline Road in south Phoenix between 2005 and 2006. As the film opens we are witness to a woman being killed while tied up, played by the beautiful Jacquelyn Aurora. I am not sure what to make out of this actress because the only movies she seems to have been in are those by this director. Anyway the film moves to what seems like a reunion of 8 women sitting down and talking, one of which is Jacquelyn Aurora again only this time she is sporting a wig. Then all of the sudden the lights go out and a voice says the Baseline Killer is back among other things, once the lights come back on there is a woman missing. I will not go on but you get the idea already, like all Ulli Lommel films this is done on a very limited budget and it has all the trademarks of a film only he could do. Most of the time this shooting style and editing him and his editor do makes for a tough watch unless you just looking for something different to watch. This time around he tosses in a new wrinkle, an effect in which in the middle of a scene the characters seem to reverse positions as if the film was flipped over or the more obvious a mirror was used. This trick happens a lot during the film and there seems to be no reason or benefit from it but it is interested at least. If you seem any of his previous films then you know what to expect here, it certainly isn't his worse but the man could benefit from a larger budget and maybe even a better editor. The story is simple but at least there is enough killings along the way to keep you interested. The cast is a fine job with what they had to work with and there is some decent suspense just don't be expecting a lot here and you should at least find it interesting enough to enjoy. Released by North American Motion Pictures. ** 1/2 Out Of *****