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Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth

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Year: 2008


Deep in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness lies the Iditarod trail, home to the last great race. Jagged mountain ranges, dense alpine forests and windswept coastlines make the route between Anchorage and Nome some of the most challenging terrain in the world. In this competition, 96 teams will attempt to traverse more than a thousand miles with 16 finely tuned dogs as an engine. Man and man's best friend must work together, care for each other, and play a disciplined game of strategy if they hope to be first to the finish line in Nome. For some the goal is to win; for others surviving would be a feat all its own.

Toughest Race On Earth: Iditarod premiered on DSC on October 14 and ran six episodes, each week picking up on the course where the previous left off. I did not see this when it aired but being able to watch it now I can see it must of been hard waiting a whole week to see what happened next as this was very addictive. When they say this is one of the harshest races on the planet they are not lying, this is a brutal test not only physically but mentally as well. Imagine being out in the cold with very little sleep for even a day yet these brave men and women fought for a thousand miles with man's best friend. I wasn't sure at the beginning if these people were crazy or what but in the end you have a lot of respect for everyone. There are people here that never run the race before then there are those that been there and even won several times before. It is not only a flat out race but it is also a game of cat and mouse between those in the lead and hoping to win it all in the end. They must battle the weather, the rough courses and sme even lose some of their beloved dogs along the way as well. I will not go into details on who won ect.. but I will say I was happy with the results for numerous reasons. The Discovery Channel is fantastic for watching these types of shows as well as learning something along the way and this was worth every minute spent. The Two-Disc set also comes with:

EXPEDITION ALASKA Alaska, America's last frontier, is a land of breathtaking diversity - mountains, ice fields, arctic tundra, mighty rivers and some of the world's most amazing wildlife. But Alaska is changing at an alarming rate. A team of some of the world's top scientists and wildlife filmmakers explores this remote and rugged landscape to document what impact global warming is having on the landscape and wildlife of this beautiful state. This was a breath-taking adventure as well as eye-opening and makes this a must own set.

Released by Image Entertainment/Discovery Channel. ***** Out Of *****