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American High School

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Cast: Aubrey O'Day, Nikki Ziering, Talan Torriero, Davida Williams, Jillian Murray

Director: Sean Patrick Cannon


Year: 2008


It's the final week of senior year at A.H.S. and everything is coming to a head. The popular girl and her exhibitionist husband are headed for divorce. Her rich rival will do anything to be prom queen. The principal is a pint sized pervert. And the sexy art teacher has a creative way of providing inspiration. Can true love overcome horniness? Will graduation lead to the creepiest dad moment of all?

What can you even say about this film? Think "American Pie" on steroids and you have an idea what American High School is about, the makers of this film have taken the raunchy teen comedy genre and totally flipped it on its head. American High School breaks just about every taboo there is and while doing so it is believe it or not one hilarious movie if you like this kinda film that is. There is a also a message among all the flesh and sex jokes, it is about a girl in high school that got married way too early and the world around her that expects everything from her except that she be herself. In the end it is up to her to make the right decisions that are best for her and no one else. The film has a sexy cast including Aubrey O'Day, Nikki Ziering and Jillian Murray in the lead, this young woman has such a beautiful smile, in certain scenes she reminded me of a young Katie Holmes. If you are easily offended by sexual jokes I suggest you move on and look for another more tame comedy to watch but if you like this type of movie then I have to say I found it to be as entertaining as it is shocking. Some of the stuff said here is jaw-dropping but what the hell I laughed till my stomach hurt. I am not sure what plans the film-makers have but this story can continue on into their college years. I guess it will depend on the success it has on DVD, but I think this just might find a cult like following among the College crowd and just about anyone that likes a comedy that pushes its genre to the limit. If the above sounds like a movie for you then I Highly suggest owning it on DVD come April 7th. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

A Audio Commentary with the Writer/Director,Producer and the Cast

Deleted Scenes with Commentary


TV Spot.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****