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Donkey Punch

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Cast: Julian Morris,Robert Boulter,Sian Breckin,Tom Burke

Director: Oliver Blackburn


Year: 2008


In a coastal Mediterranean paradise, seven people take their nonstop party from a nightclub to a luxury yacht far out to sea. When one of them mysteriously dies in a freak accident, the others come to blows over how to deal with the situation. As tensions rise, betrayal and anger emerge, and the six passengers turn against one another in a desperate battle of wills.

The first half of this film is a sexy,erotic film set out on the beautiful ocean with sexy women in bikinis and handsome men as well but after an accident during an act of sex the film takes a gory turn for worst or in this case the better. If your expecting an all out horror/thriller from the start you might be a little disappointed as the movie takes half the time setting up the story and characters but there is plenty of great eye-candy to keep you entertained until the suspense kicks in. The term Donkey Punch is explained in the film so I will let it explain the details but I can tell you once the young woman is killed fear,desperation and paranoia sets in and from the there the film takes on a much darker and suspenseful tone. Over the last few years British cinema has produced some of the best films in horror and even if this is more thriller than horror it still is a well made film that grabs hold of you and doesn't let go. The film is made for adults and doesn't try to hide that fact which I found refreshing in today's PG-13 generation. As a first time Director, Oliver Blackburn did a great job using his young cast who all did a terrific job as well as the lonely locales to create the claustrophobic fear we all begin to feel as the film moves along. I do not think there is anything really new here as far as genre goes but it is all in the execution and that was done in a refreshing way. The story is well written and it could happen at any "Spring Break". This may not appeal to everyone but if your looking for a different take on the genre then this British film will more then fit the bill. Sexy,suspenseful and some good gore make for a highly entertaining movie I recommend picking up today. Released by Magnolia Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****