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Journey to The End of The Night

Crime Thriller Rated R. Two Americans in exile—Rosso (Scott Glenn) and his son, Paul (Brendan Fraser)—have been carving out a living in Brazil running a nightclub-brothel, but they both harbor dreams of getting out of the business once and for all. It all depends on one person—a Nigerian immigrant named Wemba (Mos Def)—who must make his way safely through the perilous, nocturnal gauntlet of Sao Paulo. I have to wonder why this film did not get a wide theatrical release as this is easily one of the better film's not only in it's genre but period that I have seen in awhile. Everything here works to perfection from the dark and seedy locations in Brazil that really take on a character of themselves to fantastic acting from all including Scott Glenn but the real treat was Brendan Fraser, We all know him from the "Mummy" film's and his lighter roles but here he plays a son on the edge with greed and a cocaine habit that just fuels it as the film moves along. He plays a character you wanna hate but yet you can feel his pain because of the upbringing he had. Mos Def is again amazing as well, this man to me ranks up there as one of the most talented actors today, he seems to steal every movie he is in when he's on screen. What you have here is a combination of everything about this film from it,s cast to direction to use of settings and even to it's use of color filters to create just the right dark and gritty mood that made this film to me a truly amazing journey all in one night of a group of people that want a better life and the fate of the evening that brings them altogether. I cannot recommend this film enough and this is sure to be a hit on home video thru strong word of mouth, own it today. DVD Features include:

Available Subtitles: Spanish

Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Making-Of featurette

Released by First Look Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****