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Moscow Chill

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Cast: Norman Reedus, Alexandr Lenkov, Konstantin Yushkevich, and Slava Schoot

Director: Chris Solimine


Year: 2007


A loner American computer hacker is brought to Russia to commit bank fraud, only to find a family and love in the incomprehensible, violent, and chaotic Moscow underworld.

The story is about a hacker, Ray Perso, whose luck finally ran out. But instead of sending him to jail the judge orders him into a asylum to help him over come his addiction. But someone with deep connections has other interests and breaks him out and flies him to Moscow. Seems someone is interested in his computer skills. The trailer for this looked very interesting so I was eager to watch it and I wasn't disappointed. The script is well-written,believable and fast paced. The characters come off real and the cast including Norman Reedus are all very good. Norman plays the young hacker and he brings a certain charm to the role. The film certainly has a lot going for it, the story was thought out perfectly and the love story blends in perfectly with the action. There is also some funny moments along the way which I felt was as a nice touch and it was also well needed. There is also some very nice plot twists along the way so the film never gets boring at all. This was Director, Chris Solimine's first feature film which he also co-wrote, I am not sure what his next projects are but this was a very good first effort and he is someone I will be keeping an eye out for. The film is as beautiful to look at as it is sincere. There is some brutal action mixed with the love story that creates a thriller that will just about appeal to anyone. Moscow chill is a action thriller with enough drama to please any fan of the genre so if you are looking for something different from the ordinary this week I recommend picking this up. I think you will find this as engaging as I did. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****