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Barney: Top 20 Countdown

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Cast:Barney & Friends


Year: 2009


Sing and dance along with Barney and the gang as they count down their 20 favorite songs! What tune will claim the No. 1 spot? Will it be Barney's famed anthem "I Love You" or that old mathematical-footwear favorite "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"? Other contenders include "Good Manners," "The Elephant Song," "The Doctor Is a Friend of Mine," "If I Lived Under the Sea" and "Mr. Knickerbocker."

Barney and gang have been entertaining children for years now, he is always a favorite among the little kids and has provided hours and hours of happy time for many. Released to is Barney:Top 20 Countdown, some may call this a needless reissue of sorts as all of these songs have been available before and you never get to see Barney preforming on stage as the box-art might suggest, instead it switches to past scenes of him and the gang while the music plays. That being said there is one good thing about this title and it is all your favorite songs are now available on one DVD. Call it what you will but in the end the little children you have are sure to get a big kick out of all these musical numbers and what puts more of a smile on a child then some fun music? This best-of adventure will take your kids into a magical world that is sure to require many repeat viewings. In today's world it is nice to see some wholesome family entertainment out there for the children and you parents too might find yourself entertained as well. Released by Lionsgate Productions and HIT Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****