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Head Case: Season 1

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Cast:Alexandra Wentworth, Steve Landesberg, and Michelle Arthur

Director:Jason Farrand


Year: 2008


Meet Dr. Elizabeth Goode, Ph. D, a brash and judgmental therapist who uses her own unconventional methods of therapy to treat the elite of the entertainment, sports and music industries. Her unique brand of treating the celebrity psyche has made her the "it" therapist in Hollywood and NY with an undeniably thriving practice.

This series had a great premise, having notable stars on for short episodes all of whom are really good sports and that makes the show that much more hilarious. The show is fast-paced to fit the short episodes but like I said it works perfectly. It is about a Psychologist to the stars, one that doesn't have a clue who most even are and talks about them after wards to anyone that is willing to listen. Alexandra Wentworth really pulls it off and the wide range of celebrities are all terrific as well as the always fantastic Jeff Goldblum. One of the things I really like about this show is the fact that most of celebrity sessions is improv which just brings that something extra to the show making it one of the most orignal and clever shows on Television. Some of the guests are Monica Potter, Joel Madden, Christopher Lloyd,Cindy Margolis and Jeff Goldblum to name only a few. I am not sure on fate of this show but I do look forward to seeing Season 2 when it is released to DVD. All I can say is this is a fun show, pick it up and expect the unexpected and you are going to have as good a time watching this as I did. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****