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Cast:Marthe Keller, Albert Dupontel, Marie Guillard, and Mélanie Thierry

Director:Julien Leclercq

Genre:Crime | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Year: 2009


Paris, 2025: A tough cop haunted by a murder he could not stop. A young woman scarred by a dark secret from her past. A hunt for a killer with a taste for sadism. And a city where sleek technology meets a conspiracy of violence and corruption. You may think you've seen it before, but debut feature director Julien Leclercq now delivers a startling combination of eye popping visuals, shocking twists and explosive action scenes to create the most unique futuristic crime thrill in years.

I am a fan of Sci-Fi so I was really looking forward to sitting down to this and I was not disappointed. I found a little "Blade Runner" influence in the film but it still managed to have ideas all its own. The film slowly plays out, giving you small pieces of a larger puzzle and letting your mind put it together for later when all those loose ends come together. The film has a clever plot, great acting and just the right amount of action to mix in with the drama. The specials effects are fantastic but their not over-done, they are to enhance the story and be it. This is a film that demands your attention, you are not handed the ending early on so you have to pay close attention and use your brain to gather all the important information as the story moves along. But in the end your are going to be rewarded with a stylish,film-noir sci-fi thriller that is as intelligent as it is breath-taking to look at. Director, Julien Leclercq has a short film under his belt that he made before this so this is a very impressive debut feature film and this is one Director I look forward to seeing more of in the future. Hollywood has made similar films to this like the "Matrix" for example but none have been as thought-provoking as this. There is also the food for thought thing going on here and it all makes for good conversation later.The film has all the right elements including suspense, gun play, hand-to-hand fighting, great music and settings that draw you into their world and never let you go till the very end. I highly recommend picking this up to own, if you like the genre you are going to be blown away by this film. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

The Making of Chrysalis


French Language Track and a English Language Track as well. It is too bad this never got some kind of wide release in theaters in the states but now is your chance to own this explosive sci-fi thriller. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Entertainment. **** 1/2 Out Of *****