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New York Serenade

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Cast:Freddie Prinze Jr., Chris Klein, Sebastian Roche, and Wallace Shawn

Director:Frank Whaley


Year: 2009


Owen is an aspiring filmmaker with a dead end job and a beautiful fiance. Ray is a failing drummer with charm to spare and going nowhere fast. But can these lifetime best friends and die hard New Yorkers stumble their way into adult responsibility without totally wrecking each others lives?

I have always been a fan of Actor,Frank Whaley, He is one of those rare actors that seems to bring that extra special to all his characters. Frank wrote and directed this film, his third movie behind the camera and he adds touch to the film that only he can. The film is about two friends,Owen and Ray who just seem like they never grew up. Ray is to be the worse of the two and is always getting Owen into some trouble,as if he needs help anyway. Ray is in a band and has a major drinking problem and a daughter he rarely goes to see and Owen is in inspiring film maker working at a one stop photo lab. Owen is also engaged to a beautiful woman but his not being faithful catches up with him and he loses the only thing that at least stopped him from turning completely into his friend Ray. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Chris Klein play Owen and Ray, the two actors have great chemistry together and play off each other perfectly, Chris is a highlight of the film and adds most of humor to it as well. The film is more a drama mixed with some light humor but the actions of these men is not really all that funny and as a whole have kept each from moving on in their lives and ultimately from being truly happy. To continue with the story here would ruin the rest of the film for those wanting to see it but I can say I found this to be very entertaining. The humor is funny and the drama is heart-felt, by the time the credits roll you see the two friends finally moving on and you get the feeling that perhaps now both are going to do just fine. The film was made in 2007 and finally now it makes its way to DVD and I think it is well worth picking up. I found New York Serenade to be funny and touching and it has a cast that delivers. Also keep your eye out for a cameo by Mr. Whaley himself, it is one of the funnier moments in the film. This may not be a classic but it delivers on what it promises, I recommend picking this up today. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****