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Cast:Alex Daeseleire, Koen de Bouw, Kevin Janssens, Veerle Baetens

Director:Hans Herbots


Year: 2009


Maverick army diver, Rick Symons, has never played by the rules and when, during a top brass military reception, he's accused of going one step too far, his commanding officer has no choice but to demote him to the Air Forces 40th Search and Rescue squadron. No sooner does he join the Sea King helicopter rescue crew than he finds himself face to face with feisty, attractive medic, Alex, whom he badly showed up on a former training exercise. But as Rick is about to turn his back on Alex, his crew and entire career, a distress call comes in Ė a ship is on fire and sinking fast. With innocents trapped on board, this time Rick canít just walk away.

This is a complex film that has the action and thrills that take lace in the air and on the water and then there is the drama, the emotional side of the film between the men and women that risk their lives doing theirs jobs. Reported as being the most expensive Belgium ever but it doesn't doesn't compare to anything from Hollywood as far as budget goes. But this just goes to show you can make this sort of film without a huge amount of money, the action scenes are very well done and breath-taking at times and the drama fills the story in nicely and it has a very real feel as well, you believe and care about the characters. The film is similar to the Hollywood film "The Guardian" as far as the work these brave men and women do but I found this to be more realistic, the human drama really makes the film for me and I was totally toward into their world. MTI Video has always come out with a variety of genres that always end up being something different from what we are use to seeing. Stormforce is no exception, with its heart-pounding adventure it is sure to please any fan of the genre. I highly recommend picking this up today. The DVD comes with the movies original Dutch language or an English Dub for those that do not like reading. Released by MTI Video. ***** Out Of *****