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Some Things That Stay

Drama NR. After years of moving, 15-year-old Tamara (Katie Boland, Mount Pleasant) is tired of starting over. When her unconventional family relocates to a conservative country town, she discovers new friends, new romance-and a chance at a normal life. But just as she begins to feel at home, her mother is hospitalized, forcing young Tamara to grow up quickly and find the strength to keep her family from falling apart. Set in rural 1950's America, this luminous coming-of-age story tells a compelling tale of courage, faith, and the incredible power of forgiveness. This is a powerful and beautiful story about the difficult things all families go through and the pains of growing up. There's something here we can all relate to which is why this film works so well, it pulls everyone into their world and we all feel their pain. Serious movie lovers that look for films that make you think and demand your attention should make sure to pick this title up. The acting is fantastic including Katie Boland,Stuart Wilson and Kevin Zegers just to name a few as the entire cast from leads to supporting roles really made this film special. Let's now forget director Gail Harvey who did a wonderful job bringing this story to life and capturing the beautiful landscapes as well. I recommend this film to anyone looking for a film that pulls at your heart-strings and makes you think about your own life and just how good it is. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****