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Frame of Mind

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Cast:Carl T. Evans, Vincent Curatola, Arija Bareikis, Barbara Barrie, Frank Gio, Noelle Beck, Don Harvey, Nick Sandow, Tony Lo Bianco, Chris Noth

Director:Carl T. Evans


Year: 2009


New Jersey Detective David Secca's life is changed forever when he discovers a piece of film in an antique box. On the film is a lone man, concealing a rifle, standing on a grassy knoll-the exact knoll President John F. Kennedy passed as he was assassinated. But is the film authentic? Or, is it another hoax surrounding President Kennedy's murder? When David seeks help in Professor Steve Lynde, it becomes horrifically clear the photo holds evidence of conspiracy. Now, the two must race to expose the cover-up before they're eliminated.

I don't want anyone to be turned off by this being just another "Kennedy" movie, it is about his assassination but with a different point of view. A "what if" storyline and one I thought a was very believable and highly interesting. The cast for the most part was very good including the lead,Chris Noth who is excellent as the man that stumbles over this important piece of evidence. The film moves along at a swift pace and never once gets boring, plus there is some nice twist and turns along the way with an excellent ending as well. If you are into anything history related or if you just like a good drama/thriller then I highly recommend picking this up today, I think you will be surprised at just how good it is. Echo Bridge is one of the few studios around that brings a wide range of great entertainment and Frame of Mind is just another example of the quality they release. Released by Echo Bridge Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****