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Hidden Agenda

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Cast:Kevin Dillon, Christopher Plummer, Andrea Roth, Michael Wincott, J.T. Walsh

Director:Iain Paterson


Year: 1998


In this supercharged political thriller, David McLean becomes the center of a deadly conspiracy when he discovers a computer disc his recently killed CIA agent brother, Mike, left behind. After the government denies involvement in Mike's "accidental" death, David must hunt for the truth on his own...and with double crossings, high-octane chase scenes and thrill-a-minute plot twists, nowhere-and no one-is safe!

Hidden Agenda is a spy thriller in the tradition of something Hitchcock might of done, I am sure he would of done it much better but this is not a bad film at all if your looking for something a bit different to watch. Released in 1998 no it finally comes to DVD thanks to Echo Bridge. For starters when you have a cast that has Matt Dillon, Christopher Plummer, Paul Soles and J.T. Walsh(in his final appearance) in it you certainly got a great start. From there it all depends on the writing and directing both of which were pretty good here, I mean the film is easy to follow and the actors all do a great job in their roles but it seems like something was missing. It might of been the editing or pace of film that took it down a step but over-all this was still an entertaining cat and mouse thriller that will keep your interest till the very end. If you like a good war spy thriller this will be one you have to see, it has a made-for television feel but is effective regardless and it has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing along the way. It is certainly nice to see these older films making their way to DVD, I recommend seeking this out if your a fan of the genre and never got a chance to see this film before. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****