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Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale

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Cast:Tom Green, Crispin Glover, Sarain Boylan, Paul Spence, David Lawrence, Mark Jenkins

Director:Grant Harvey


Year: 2009


Disguised as executives from a Dutch Oil Company, Aliens from outer space buy a local farming company and promise to create jobs for the failing farming town. Their goal is to use crop circles to heat up the temperature of the earth and eventually turn the entire planet into a Club-Med for extra-terrestrials.

Any film that has Crispin Glover and Tom Green in it right away qualifies as a must-see for me because if nothing else these two are bound to make the film interesting at least. If you don't already know this is a sci-fi/comedy, a throwback to the days when films were just plain fun to watch. There is a nice mix of both genres, in fact it moves along seamlessly from one scene to next. The film was shot in Canada during the month of October which had to be a real challenge considering the film is suppose to take place during the summer. Personally I like a film that sticks to one genre, for example if it is going to be sci-fi I would rather it play it straight but this film does a great job at mixing both genres. Some of it I am sure is the cast but the movie is also very well-written and directed as well. The film is over the top for sure and it had a feel of several other films including "Signs" and "Mars Attacks" but the humor and clever dialog made it all just goofy fun. This might not be a masterpiece but it was certainly highly entertaining and well worth picking up today. Released by Monarch Video. **** Out Of *****