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Redemption: A Mile from Hell

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Cast:Tom Noga, Dustin James, Clint James, and Ashley Gomez

Director:Robert Conway


Year: 2008


Can one act justify a lifetime of wickedness? Explore the darkest confines of the soul from upcoming director Robert Conway's film, "Redemption." A genre busting Western where there is no law, no good guys; only the bad and worse. Frank Harden is no stranger to the unlawful west, he is a killer. However, because of a tragic event he must battle his own worst enemy, himself.

Westerns are always popular and it is a genre I enjoy so I was looking forward to sitting down to this one. 'Redemption' is a low-budget Independent film with an unknown cast so if your expecting something bigger you might want to look elsewhere. This reminded me of the old "Spaghetti" westerns from the 1960's, the over-all feel just took me back to when watching those movies was always a good time. The cast does a terrific job playing their characters, Tom Noga did a great job playing "The Apostle", this was a highlight was far as the performances go. The film also had a great deal more nudity and violence then I had expected but that was a good thing. The gun fight scenes were very well done as well. Redemption is very much like the movies from the past but it is also original enough to stand on its own as a well done and highly entertaining romp through the wild west. Credit goes out to Writer/Director, Robert Conway and the entire cast and crew for making such a good film on limited resources. If you enjoy a good western I recommend seeking this out today. Released by North American Motion Pictures. **** Out Of *****