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Way of War

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Cast:Cuba Jr. Gooding, JK Simmons

Director:John Carter


Year: 2008


Paramilitary operative David Wolfe is a highly trained and deadly assassin assigned to kill a notorious terrorist in the Middle East. During his mission, he stumbles upon a US government conspiracy involving the top members of the administration. Now on the run, David is determined to expose the truth before it's too late.

Let me start by saying a few things, firstly, I am a big Cuba Gooding Jr fan and it is nice to see him in another film but at same time sad to see him going straight to video nowadays. That said I looked forward to seeing this one as the premise and box-art both looked like this was going to be a good one. What I found was a film that most will need to watch several times as its plot is very confusing and the flashbacks used in the film seem to just confuse you even more. This is a thinking man's thriller, sure there is some good action scenes but they are far and few between. The main objective here is to try and figure out why this brave and loyal soldier was written off as being dead and once home why the Government seems to want him out of the picture altogether. It is very hard to keep track of who is the good guys and whose the bad guys and the longer it goes on the more you fall deeper into the story and the more intrigued you become, you wait wondering what will happen next. Cuba gives a fantastic performance as always and the rest of the supporting cast also do a terrific job. Way of War may not be a film for everyone, if your expecting a senseless action film I recommend you look elsewhere but if your looking for a intelligent thriller with some action I say give this one a go, It might not of been what I was expecting but in the end I was glad I had the chance to give this film a look at. Released by First Look Studios. **** Out Of *****