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Ten Dead Men

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Cast:Doug Bradley, Pooja Shah, Brendan Carr, Terry Stone

Director:Ross Boyask


Year: 2009


Ryan has spent years putting his brutal past behind him. A different man now to the stone cold killer he was a lifetime ago. But when an old face from the past arrives on his doorstep, Ryan is called upon to repay a blood debt from years ago. But the price is too high. Betrayed, and with his life falling apart around him, Ryan goes on a murderous, bloody revenge spree against the Ten Men who took his life away from him. Ten men took away his life. Now Ten Men Will Pay.

This low-budget British action/revenge film looked very promising from the cover-art but you know what they say about judging a book by the cover? I have always found British cinema to be hit or miss with me so I was hoping the cover displayed what was inside. You can almost tell by watching this that that film was shot in pieces and put together later, maybe budget reasons I do not know but the final product was pretty amazing considering it all. I have seen Doug Bradley in other movies and he is great here as well, also the rest of the cast of unknowns all did a terrific job playing their parts and making it all feel believable. The film is narrative based something can either works or is just plain wrong but it fit in with this film perfectly. Be warned this is a hard-hitting,gruesome action flick that has 90 minutes of fight scenes but it has a wonderful script to guide us all through it . I highly recommend picking u this DVD to any fan of British cinema of just any fan of action in general. Ten Dead Men is a gritty action/crime Independent film with more heart than most big budget action films put out today. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****