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Cast:Marcia Gay Harden,Eulala Scheel,Michael Gaston

Director:Mary Haverstick


Year: 2009


A mother attempts to break the cycle of addiction in her family by taking her daughter on a summer road trip during the late 1960s.

"Home" is one of those movies that reminds you of why Independent cinema is is so good and also so important. The film is about a woman who is dealing with her difficult marriage as well as an operation for breast cancer. Marcia Gay Harden is nothing short of magnificent here as Inga, you feel every emotion this woman is going through as if you were living inside her head. Inga soon turns to drinking to escape her problems but there is someone in her life as well that will give her hope, her daughter Indigo. Harden's real-life daughter, Eulala Scheel stars opposite her mom and gives a fantastic performance beyond her years, I was simply amazed at the talent this young girl has. The bond the two characters share is what gets Inga past the hard times, this is a character piece that is as realistic a film as you are going to find this year. The subject matter is a sad one but the film also brings hope and the message of family as well. Writer/director Mary Haverstick does a fantastic job keeping this film grounded in reality, she also uses her own mother's poems in the film as well. Mary Haverstick has only two other credits as writer and director but this film by far is her best work to date and it will is going to get this woman noticed as a great film maker. The cinematography and the landscapes and beautiful blue sky play as a extra character in the film, it is like you walked inside a painting, simply breath-taking. Home is a drama that has a heart as big as the universe, its as poetic as it is engaging. It is too bad the Academy didn't take a closer look at this film around Oscar time because I have never seen a mother/daughter team deliver such powerful performances before. Writer/director Mary Haverstick brings Home a powerful film that will have you in tears as well as leaving you with a smile and hope. Please be sure to check Monterey Media for updates on this brilliant film and where you might be able to catch it on a screen near you. Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out Of *****

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