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18 Year Old Virgin

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Cast:Todd Leigh, Olivia Alaina May, Lauren Walsh

Director:Tamara Olson


Year: 2009


Though she's determined to lose her unwanted virginity before she graduates, attractive 18-year-old high school senior Katie Powers finds it's more difficult than she expected in this raunchy comedy. As she goes on her quest for the guy who will deflower her, a string of sexual calamities leaves her still a virgin on the last night before graduation.

For starters lets not be comparing this to "American Pie" or any other film like it because this is nothing like it. This is a fun look at teens trying to lose their virginity, for the wrong reasons? Maybe but that is not for us to say nor does it matter here. If you like the genre then you will not only have a ball watching it but might be a little shocked as well along the way, all in good fun. The cast of unknowns were all terrific,Olivia Alaina May is a very cute and talented young lady that I see a bright future for. So do not let the name get you in that rip-off mode again just enjoy this for what it is, a entertaining adult with plenty of funny moments and lots of nudity, what more can you ask for. Don't take it serious and you will have as good a time watching this as I did. Congrats to The Asylum for making such an entertaining comedy on what obviously was a limited budget, well done on all fronts. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****