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Acts of Contrition

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Thriller NR. On Jonathan Frayne's radio talk show, the guilty call in to reveal their darkest sins. But when one mysterious caller confesses to murder, Jonathan is inextricably drawn into the case--and soon finds himself a pawn in the psychopath's menacing game. The "radio talk show host pursued by psycho killer" movies have been done many times over and for the most part if you seen one you seen them all but this one was different for several reasons, One is that is has to be Mark Mark Harmon's best performance ever the the talk show host, you know right from the start there's something mysterious about him and that he might have a dark secret locked away. Harmon really brings his character to life which is one of the reasons this film works so well. The direction and plot are also above your normal made for tv movie and the film's pace really keeps you on the edge. This was one of the better made for tv movies I have seen in awhile and I am sure anyone that likes the genre will also enjoy this as well so be sure to pick this up today. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****