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Cast:Matthew Knight,Robbie Coltrane,James Elliott,Eugene Levy

Director:Wilson Coneybeare


Year: 2009


Willy is a boy with a huge imagination and in some ways you can see why. He has what seems to be very few friends and his Mom and Dad are too busy working to really spend much quality time with him. When Willy is told they are moving new fears enter his life, he is convinced there are two-headed aliens in and around his new home. Afraid and alone in his bed room he asks for someone to help keep him safe. What Willy gets is something not even he could of ever imagined. You see Willy had this teddy bear when he was little the one they left behind when moving, well now it seems Gooby has taken on a life of his own and wants to help Willy over-come his troubles but with that help comes a lot of mischief as well as some really good lessons that not only Willy learned from but his Mom and Dad as well.

Writer/Director, Wilson Coneybeare has a history in family fare but in Television so this was to be his first feature film. You really have to feel for this man, this film began as a project he wanted to do for his son who at the time was just 7 years old. The problem was after writing the script he could not find no one to back his idea, so before he knew it his boy was closing in on 12 years old so Wilson decided to risk it all and get the film made using his own money. What came out of it all is a film that is as entertaining as it is heart felt. Once Gooby arrives the fun begins, he gets Willy into more trouble than enough but Gooby is also there for another reason, one far more greater than just having fun. I am totally against giving a movie away here so all I will say is Gooby knows what Willy really needs and will do everything he can to see that it happens. Director, Wilson Coneybeare has created a family film just like the those I remember watching when I was little, a fun, innocent and heart-warming tale that kids and adults alike will relate to. The film shows that no matter what family is the most important and that time flies way to fast to ignore those things that mean the most. When first getting the film together Wilson had his cast already in mind but getting them he felt was not going to be easy but as it turned out it was by far the easiest thing so far. The cast is simply amazing, you have Robbie Coltrane(Harry Potter) playing the life-sized Gooby, you also have David James Elliott(Jag) as the father and Ingrid Kavelaars as the mom as well as Matthew Knight as young Willy . Also let me not forget the always fantastic Eugene Levy as the substitute teacher who is also out to blow Gooby's cover. One thing I am glad about is the fact that they decided not go with a CGI version of Gooby, the giant puppet aka man in a costume worked perfectly here. It allowed the film to have that "personal" feel to it and gave the relationship between Willy and Gooby and very real feel which was very important in this film. Family fare seems to always do well at the box-office nowadays and for good reason with all that is happening in our world today families need that together time and Gooby is a perfect family film that will have you laughing, smiling and even crying a little along the way. I can't recommend this film enough and I recommend you keep an eye out on Gooby's theatrical release dates at Monterey Media. Being a parent myself, I found Gooby to be a touching film with loads of fun and some important lessons learned...Well done Mr.Coneybeare. Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out Of *****