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Cold Prey

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Cast: Viktoria Winge, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, and Rolf Kristian Larsen

Director:Roar Uthaug


Year: 2006


Upon breaking his leg, a snowboarder and his four friends find themselves stranded at a decrepit ski lodge in the Norwegian mountains in this thriller from Roar Uthaug. After learning that the hotel was closed long ago when a boy vanished, the group discovers they are not alone and they'll be lucky to stay alive, let alone return home.

Norwegian cinema has really progressed in the last few years at least at the production levels. Cold Prey is a slasher film that was released in 2006 there and it is now getting a DVD release here in the states. When I sat down to watch this I didn't let my hopes get too high, sure it had gotten some very good reviews but so had many others I had seen and did not care for. Cold Prey is like any other slasher film, it contains most all of the same clichès that all the others have had. The film starts off slow, after the ski accident the group of friends find the old shut down hotel that seems to be a perfect place for shelter until they can decide what the next move should be. The movie itself takes awhile to get going, not a lot happens during the first 40 minutes as they give us a little background on the characters and some hints on the hotel's past. Once the film starts going the creepy atmosphere of the hotel combined with the fact that they are completely alone adds up to be a edge of your seat nightmare for the five friends. The cast will be unknowns to most of us in the states but each actor did a fine job and Director, Roar Uthaug did a fantastic job with the script. He used all the surroundings he had to perfection. Cold Prey is like any other slasher film in regards to story but it is a very fun horror movie with a lot of blood and intensity, a thrill ride that will have you jumping out of your seat the entire second half of the movie. If you like a good horror movie then own this today on DVD. The DVD comes with its original language and English subtitles as well as an English Dub for those that do not like reading. The DVD also comes pack with Special Features that include:

Alternate Ending

Behind Cold Prey

The Visual FX of Cold Prey

Car Scenes


Short Film-Mountain Road runs Amok

Short Film-An Evening in The Green

Music Video: Bloodlights "One Eye Open"

Also a Teaser Trailer, Trailer,TV Spot #1 and TV Spot #2.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****