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Henry Poole is Here

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Cast: Luke Wilson, George Lopez, Cheryl Hines

Director:Mark Pellington


Year: 2008


Rather than living his last days to the fullest after learning he only has six weeks left on earth, Henry Poole cuts himself off from his fiancée and his family -- and binges on Twinkies, pizza and liquor. But a fortuitous miracle and a clash with his eccentric, meddling neighbors derail Henry's plans.

Henry Poole is about a man who happens to be an Atheist who has just found out he only has six weeks left to live. Henry decides to remove everyone and everything he has had to this point and find a place to live out his last few weeks alone but there are higher powers that seem to have other plans. This might sound like a depressing story and it is heart felt but Director, Mark Pellington does a fantastic job at mixing in some light moments to avoid this from being a complete downer. There is a Christian theme here but it doesn't matter if you believe or not you will still be effected by Henry and your always hoping for the best for him. The quiet time Henry was looking for gets interrupted when his neighbors start worshiping a water-stained image of Christ they see on his stucco wall. Henry of course thinks they are all crazy and just wants to be left alone. To make manners worst Henry has met his other neighbor, a single mom with a little girl, both of whom he has become very fond of which just adds to his depression and anger. Luke Wilson seems to be the perfect actor to play this role with his quiet persona, he is a talented actor and gives a wonderful performance here. Rhada Mitchell is as beautiful and talented as ever here as well as his new love interest. The highlight here if their can be one among this wonderful cast is Adriana Barraza, this Mexican actress steals the show as the deeply religious and well-intentioned neighbor. George Lopez also is very good as the local Priest, it is a small role but effective none the less. Henry Poole is a heart felt film with charm and it offers up a lot of hope. I highly recommend picking this wonderful film up today and I would bet this does very well on Home Video with strong word of mouth since it couldn't seem to find the audience it deserved while in theaters. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****