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Surfer, Dude

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Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, and Scott Glenn

Director:S.R. Bindler


Year: 2008


Laid-back Steve Addington lives his dream life as he tours the globe, catching the best waves in every hemisphere. But when he returns to Malibu, things change: The good waves have disappeared, and to his great dismay, they don't return all summer! Soon, Steve begins to question his existence, searching for meaning in his life with no waves to ride.

I am not sure what to make of this movie, the plot is pretty flimsy at best. The story is a bout a surfer but there isn't really much in the of surfing as there is a drought on the waves. The film does have a lot of pot smoking in it which I guess appeals to some out there. Over-all I think this was a missed opportunity because of having a script that just wasn't very good. There is a some decent humor in the film just not enough of it. But the main attraction here is the cast, for the ladies you got Matthew McConaughey as Steve and he walks around for most of the film shirtless. The rest of the cast is also an appealing one including Woody Harrelson,Willie Nelson and Scott Glenn . I can't say the film is a total waste as Mr. McConaughey is a big star and does bring his charm along which makes up for some of the flawed story at least. Surfer, Dude is a disappointment because of who is involved in it but if your looking for something different to watch or you are a fan of the Matthew McConaughey you might want to give it a try plus it also got some hot ladies in bikinis in the film as well for you men out there. The DVD comes with Special Features that include

Surfer, Dude: The Real Story featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage

Deleted Scenes

The Complete Surfer, Dude 12-Webisode Series

Audio Commentary with Matthew McConaughey

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****