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Death Row

Horror NR. Several years ago, a bloody riot of epic proportion ravaged the corridors of the Isla del Roca penitentiary, resulting in the gruesome death of both inmates and guards alike.Now condemned, the prison serves as nothing more than a shattered relic of archaic brutality; a chilling reminder of manís morbid and murderous nature. Seeking to explore the violent history of the uprising, a naÔve crew of filmmakers invades the decaying penitentiary, only to discover that a band of fugitives has taken refuge inside the empty jailhouse. Fearful for their lives, the filmmakers soon discover that the convicts may be the least of their problems Ė and that the victims of that fatal riot may still haunt the prison walls. This originally aired on the Sci-Fi channel under the name "Haunted Prison" I am not sure why there was a name change but the movie wasn't bad at all. The effects for a tv movie were very good considering the budget, I have seen alot worse. The acting is average, most of the actors are good in their roles except Jake Busey, he plays a over-the-top leader of the bad guys holding up in what they think is a safe closed now prison till the heat from the police clams down. Stacey Keach is also very good here as a once guard in the prison during it's fatal riot. He provides good veteran talent for the film and also plays a very important role in it's story. This was one of the better movies the Sci-Fi channel has aired and his without a doubt the best work Kevin VanHook has done as a director to date. I look forward to more of his work as he really seems to have an eye for the genre. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****