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Cast:Frank Langella, Alan Arkin, Orson Bean, William Lee Scott, Amy Acker, Jacob Pitts

Director:Murray Robinson


Year: 2008


Two years into his studies at a seminary, a young Jesuit named Peter finds himself torn between his devotion to God and his feelings for a beautiful, free-spirited woman named Jill, whom he meets while working in a soup kitchen.

Thanks again goes out to MTI Video for giving us another unknown film, Crossroads has been in limbo for a few years, it was made in 2006 under the name "Novice". There is a lot to like here, for starters consider the cast, you got Frank Langella and Alan Arkin as two Priests who try to guide young Peter, a man that after meeting a young woman on a mission he was sent to begins to question the choice he made for his life. That is what is so "real" about this film, we have all had one time in our life when we questioned the decisions we made. The cast really bring the film to the forefront, Amy Acker and Jacob Pitts are fantastic as well as Jill and Peter. For those that feel this might be a little too much of a down beat film rest easy, there is a good deal of drama and human feelings but the film also has some very nice humor along the way to help lighten the load while telling a story that touches the heart. I have to recommend this to anyone that loves cinema, Crossroads is a film about making your way into adulthood and making choices that will change your life forever. Highly recommended. Released by MTI Video. ***** Out Of *****