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Lower Learning

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Cast:Jason Biggs, Eva Longoria Parker, Rob Corddry, Monica Potter

Director:Mark Lafferty


Year: 2008


Barry Goldwater Elementary is on the brink of collapse: the lowest test scores in the state, teachers who are either drunk or having sex on school grounds, and a principal who extorts money from parents. It's up to Tom, the down-on-his-luck vice-principal, to rally the lazy teachers, expose the principal's corruption, and turn the school around before an end of the day board decision that is certain to lead to its closure.

Since seeing the trailer I had been wanting to see this new comedy, for those offended by raunchy humor I suggest you pass on this one but for those of you like me that enjoys a brainless comedy like this one once in awhile then you are going to enjoy watching this. The cast is one of the big selling points for the film and none of them disappoint, you got Rob Corddry, the beautiful Eva Longoria Parker and Jason Biggs who I am glad to see finally breaking out of the typecasting he got from the American Pie movies. The entire cast is excellent including the child actors, yes there are some raunchy scenes in which the children are in but I felt it was all in good fun and was never offended by it at all. The film is far from being perfect and there are many other comedies out there that are better but for what this film offers which is adult humor, I found it to be hilarious and better than I thought it would be considering it was really an unknown film till now. If your looking for a smart, charming comedy look elsewhere but as far as comedies in the "Adult Humor" category go Lower Learning delivers. Also I got to give credit to Writer/Director,Mark Lafferty, he only has one other film under his belt but he displays a great eye for comedy. I look forward to see more work from him in the future. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

The ABC'S of LOWER LEARNING:Behind The Scenes

Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

Theatrical Trailer

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****