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The President's Man/The President's Man:A Line in The Sand

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Cast:Chuck Norris, Robert Urich, and Dylan Neal,Jennifer Tung

Director:Eric Norris,Michael Preece

Genre:Action | Adventure

Year: 2000/2002



With his protégé Deke Slater and daughter Que, McCord heads to South America on a high-stakes rescue mission he can't fail: to recover the First Lady, held hostage by a group of terrorist in Rio de Janiero. Then, they take on a Colombian drug cartel, who, angered by U.S. interference in its business, has gone on a deadly offensive.


McCord is called back into action when he's enlisted by the U.S. President to end a dangerous terrorist threat: a group of extremists who plan to detonate a nuclear bomb somewhere within U.S. borders. With the bomb's location unknown, McCord must dangerously cross enemy lines, infiltrate the group's compound, and capture their mastermind leader--all before time ticks out!

This double-feature collection of these two made-for-TV movies is finally on DVD. The first film made in 2000 has to be one of Chuck's most underrated movies, this is just pure fun filled with fantastic scenery and some kick-ass action that is sure to please any fan of the genre. The film could of easily been followed by a series as it seemed to have that feel all along. This is an over-the-top action/adventure that any fan of Norris will love. The second film came out two years later in 2002 and Norris and Jennifer Tung both return as the father and daughter team who do work for the President. Again the action and adventure continues and this one is just as good as the first with it's action,humor and settings that make for a Bond like adventure. I am surprised the network didn't turn this into a long running series as it could of easily been a hit show back then. Any fan of action and Norris are going to want to pick these two movies up on one DVD. The DVD is barebones but it has been long over due to have these two finally released to DVD, I found both to be highly entertaining and well worth owning. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****.