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The Village Barbershop

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Cast:John Ratzenberger, Shelly Cole

Director:Chris Ford


Year: 2007


Art Leroldi is widowed and fading - a small time Reno barber stuck in a rut of haircuts and horse-books. When he loses his cutting partner of twenty years, he's faced with closing Reno's last man's man barbershop or hiring the last person on earth he'd ever want working there - a woman. More specifically, Gloria MacIntyre, a broke, spit-fire young woman suddenly unable to take no for answer. This is the story two unlikely people, who meet in one unlikely place - The Village Barbershop.

This is a story about two very different people looking for a second change and finding it by a chance meeting one of them never wanted in the first place. "Cheers" alumni John Ratzenberger stars as Art Leroldi, a man that can't seem to let go of the past and move on. Shelly Cole from "Gilmore Girls" is fabulous as Gloria MacIntyre and I would hope to see more of her in the very near future. Both have great chemistry together and they do a wonderful job playing off each others performances. It seemed the grumpy character Art is perfect for Shelly's character, their both so very different but yet so perfect of a match. The film has light, very humorous parts as well as some drama that simply touches the heart and in the end there is hope for all involved which puts a smile on your face as the credits begin to roll. Monterey Media seems to always find these gems, movies we may of never got to see otherwise and each one is very different but they have all been highly entertainment. For a first effort, director/writer Chris Ford delivers a winner with this piece. I see big things coming from this man in the future. He does a terrific job at telling a wonderful story with fantastic characters, also the cinematography and musical score are both terrific and really help set the mood and atmosphere. The Village Barbershop is a light drama that pulls at the heart-strings while providing plenty of smiles along the way. If you get a chance to catch this film in a theater near you during it's limited run please do so, you will be glad you did. Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out Of *****