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Cast:Frank Zagarino,David Fralick, Michael Fedele, Lou Martini Jr., Matthew Jared,Giselle Rodriguez

Director:Frank Zagarino


Year: 2007


A vicious killer who slays his victims with railroad spikes, Adam escapes an asylum and returns to a town he terrorized once before. With his nasty weapons, Adam starts laying waste to innocent teens who are unfortunate enough to cross his path.

It would seem there is a ton of horror movie buffs out there, what other reason is there for so many being made and released nowadays? In any case Spiker is a new horror film coming straight to video this week. The film is directed by Frank Zagarino who also is the film's villain as well. Frank has been around the business since the 80's, he mostly has done action movies but this time around its a horror film about a deranged killer that uses railroad spikes to take out his victims. Frank's character doesn't have a lot to say during the film but he is a huge Albino with deadly weapons so he doesn't need to speak to be effective. The story itself isn't half bad, sure it has a lot of the same old stuff we have seen before but the story at least goes somewhere and keeps you interested. The film is a little shy on the blood and guts thing but I thought there was a perfect blend of it and story making this more enjoyable for those that are sick of all the "Saw" type movies Hollywood is producing now. The young cast do a fine job at their roles, I wish we could of gotten to know a little more about each one but this is a horror movie not some drama. So over-all this was fun film with good suspense,some nice killings and a few twists along the way to keep any fan more than interested. Independent film is where it is at today and thanks to studios like MTI for bringing us these films we might of never got to see otherwise. Released by MTI Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****