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Merlin and The War of The Dragons

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Cast:Jurgen Prochnow, Simon Lloyd Roberts, Joseph Stacey

Director:Mark Atkins


Year: 2008


Merlin, born of a human woman and a god, is taken by a master Mage to be apprenticed. Vendigar training alongside Merlin, wants the master's book of spells for his own devil doings. Vendigar decides to flee and find a way to gain what he thinks is his, along the family he runs into a pesents and turns them into dragons and joins an army to fight against the King. Merlin and Mage must try and stop this evil plan and one way to it is for Merlin to borrow Excalibur to slay the dragons and destroy the army before it is too late.

I am not only a reviewer for The Asylum and their films but I have became a fan as well, "getting" what the were doing. When I first saw the trailer for Merlin I have to admit I was not overly excited by it but was still looking forward to seeing the finished project before making a judgement and to my joy it turned out to be a fun and highly entertaining movie. For starters I think the entire cast did a great job here, Jurgen Prochnow is always a star performer and here is no different, he does a fantastic job as Mage. Also newcomer, Simon Lloyd Roberts was terrific as the young Merlin. I look to see a lot more work from this young actor in the future. The CGI is fantastic, some of the best I have seen in an Asylum film, the dragons design as well was simply awesome and the were used perfectly to enhance the film. The story was well-told and the film has plenty of action as well so I was never once bored. If your a fan of this type of Fantasy adventure like I am then you are going to want to pick this up as I think you will enjoy this film as much as I did. Hats off to The Asylum and Director, Mark Atkins for a job well done. I can only see The Asylum and their movies getting better over time and this is a big step in that direction with its fantastic CGI work and story-telling. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****