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Things You Don't Tell...

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Cast:Ryan Reyes, Amanda Baueman, Noel Thurman, Edward Villaume

Director:Alex Melli


Year: 2008


A psychological thriller about three people caught in a web of deceit and lies. Everything is contained on the surface until a chance meeting triggers a series of tragic events that rips their worlds apart. As the truth unravels, their very survival is at stake.

I liked the film's idea before I even began watching this thriller but like all Independent productions you either get something pleasing or something that just misses the mark altogether, this film had me from the opening frames. For starters I think the Director, Alex Melli did a fantastic job keeping a great pace to a film that could of easily turned into a mess with it's multiple plot settings. Also the writing team of Bibi Ong-VanZandt and Gloria Uhler have come up with a clever and suspense filled story that kept me on the edge of my seat till the movies final frame. Also the cast of unknown actors all did a terrific job playing their roles and making each character believable. The story pulls you in and has you sitting at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next, this is a sign of a well made film and one that should gain some strong word of mouth on DVD. I liked the way they film played out, showing all three main characters and the problems they are facing before bringing it altogether for a more than satisfying climax. Independent film-making gets no better than this, if you enjoy a good thriller that makes you think even after the film is over then I highly recommend you pick this movie up today. Released by Anthem Pictures. **** Out Of *****