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Street Revenge

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Cast:Jamie Velez, Elena Adames

Director:Conrad Glover


Year: 2008


A local street gang finds a briefcase full of money in an abandoned building. The gang later finds out that the money that they have in their possession belongs to one of New York's biggest crime families.

Jaime Velez is Freddy, a thug that works for a higher power doing his dirty work on the street. When Freddy and his buddies find a dead body and a bag full of money they decide this is just what they need to finally go straight but the local mob boss is hell bent on getting back his dough as well as seeing to it that those who stole it pay for what they did. Street Revenge is a film that doesn't try to be anything more than be just a gang related revenge flick and by not being fancy it really seems to delivery what it promises. There are many movies released all the time in this genre but Director Conrad Glover seems to have made one of the better ones I have seen in some time. He has a good eye for this genre. He also has other talents as well, he wrote the script and even stars in the film as well, with numerous credits in both acting and directing I think this is a step in the right direction for him and his best film film to date. There isn't anything new here but as far as the revenge theme goes this low-budget film hits the mark on most counts.The tension slowly builds as what starts out as a war between two gangs slowly turns into something much more personal. The cast is made up of unknowns but each actor gives a strong and realistic performance making what is happening believable for the most part. This is a gritty and raw tale of violence on the street and prices that are paid to those looking to gain something the easy way. I like what I seen here and look forward to seeing more work from all involved, if you enjoy this genre you are going to want to pick up Street Revenge today. Released by Maverick Entertainment. *** Out Of *****