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Cast:Louis Lombardi, Vincent Pastore, Andrew Keegan, and Mike Starr

Director:Louis Lombardi


Year: 2008


Set in Brooklyn, the story is about two brothers that run the family business, a bakery. These two could not be any more different, Lou seems content with his life, he helps run the shop,gambles and just takes life a day at a time. Frank on the other hand has a wife and a child on the way and just wants more out of life, something the bakery cannot give him. When Frank decides he is moving to Florida things slowly take a turn for the worse as Lou's gamble debt to Mr. Gregorio continues to mount and they are in danger of losing the family business. Along the way both learn a valuable lesson about family.

Doughboys is a film about family, two brothers that have never seen eye to eye have to bring it together to save what is most important. This film got everything that makes up a great Independent film, there is some drama, humor and a terrific cast that delivers on all ends. Louis Lombardi who played Skip Lapari the FBI Agent on the Sopranos, he also played on "24" and when they killed him off the show many die-hard fans were very upset. Louis not only stars but was also co-writer and Director here and his talents really shine. The entire cast is terrific, not only Louis but Vincent Pastore,Mike Starr and Gaetano Lacono all give fantastic performances. Doughboys is a simple film but it is the kind of movie that puts a smile on your face and it takes you back to when more quality films like this were being produced. I enjoyed this film and I recommend it to all, its a solid comedy with great acting,fantastic humor and a setting that makes you feel at home. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****