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Cast:Julia Duffy, Sybil Danning, Rich Hall,Colleen Camp

Director:Scott Mansfield


Year: 2009


Imps* is a film made once upon a time in Hollywood by a group of actors willing to let all their comedic talents loose. The film is packed with actors and actresses from the past, many of whom won numerous awards and there is also a few centerfolds and Penthouse Pet tossed in for good measure.

When I was sent this title and asked for to review it I didn't know what I was getting besides the name. One thing for sure is the moment I popped it in I knew this movie had to be made years ago, actors like, Fred Willard and Jennifer Tilly for example are much younger in this film plus the film also has the late, great John Carradine in it as well. Now on to the movie, the film is basically made up of spoofs and skits as well as humorous commercials tossed in. One of the first skits is called, "Don't Scream on My Face" and it's a spoof on all the leading ladies in horror movies that still go into a house when they know they shouldn't or answer a door we all know the bad guy is behind. This skit starred Linda Blair, what a perfect choice and it also has an aging Jason but now he needs a walker to get after his victims. Truly Hilarious stuff here but I am not going to go into every skit and spoil all the fun for those of you that really want to see it but I can tell you there is some very funny stuff here including one about an Alien sent to answer the question, "How many Polish people does it take to screw in a light bulb", the skit was called Alienski.The film pokes fun at just about everything and and anything and it is all in good fun. The cast is too numerous to name but to add to a few already mentioned there are appearances by, Jimmy Walker, P.J. Soles and many more. The Imps* stands for "The Immoral Minority Picture Show" and frankly there couldn't be a better title. Lets thank Monterey Media for bringing this title out as I'm afraid it might of otherwise been buried forever. Imps* is a soon to be comedic classic, it is so outrageously funny that it would make the Zucker Brothers proud. I highly recommend this laugh-out-loud comedy when it hits DVD on February 10, 2009, fan's of such classics as 'Airplane' and 'The Naked Gun' are not going to want to miss Imps*. Released by Monterey Media. **** 1/2 Out Of *****