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Holding Out: Uncut

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Cast:Lala Sloatman, Jeremy Sisto, Bruce Davison, Ethan Embry

Director:Tara Judelle


Year: 2008


Desperate for a thesis project for her Masters in Women s Studies, Jessica persuades 4 sexy party girls to fast off men for 100 days. No talking, no touching, no flirting, and most importantly no sex! But the real challenge begins when a local millionaire decides to offer $1,000,000 to the first man who can stop the fast. With thousands of men looking to break them will the women be able to hold out?

This is a film from a few years back only now making it to DVD, the film's original name was 'Manfest', I seem to like the new title much better myself. I figured going into this that I was going to get just another no sex on a bet movie like so many others in the past but I was really surprised that I got more than that. The film is a really enjoyable, smart, funny, offbeat comedy about these four girls that are offered money to have a sex fast and with their past you just know it is not going to be easy. The girls get national attention for their cause but they also attract those that do not think they will make it and one person who will do his best to make sure they don't. The film has a fantastic cast of young actors as well as Erin Gray, it is nice to see her again in a film. Holding Out is an intelligent comedy with characters that are well-developed and a fast paced, smart and sexy script that even has a few nice twists along the way which gives the film it's originality. I highly recommend picking up this comedy as a date film or just for anyone that likes the genre, delightful and funny and one not to miss. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****