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Blood Wars

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Cast:Tony Todd, A.J. Draven, C. Thomas Howell

Director:Tom Shell


Year: 2007


When he's bitten by a beautiful vampire seductress, unassuming college student Will finds himself thrust into an epic war between a league of warlocks and a bloodthirsty group of vampires.

I was interested in seeing this for several reasons, one the box-art was very catchy but more on a realistic level I wanted to see it because of it's cast including, Tony Todd, C. Thomas Howell and A.J. Draven to name a few. I found the film to be pretty straight-forward, lacking any thing new to bring to the genre but I felt that Director Tom Shell did a fine job dealing with what the script had to offer. The script was written by first time writer, Ramesh Thadani who shows some great promise if we are to go off of this film. The movie itself offers horror as well as some dark humor along the way and the pace of the film is very good, I was never bored which is half the battle in a lot of low budget movies. This is a Independent film shot on a very low budget and even if it seemed to miss the mark on bringing something fresh to an old genre I still have to give all involved credit for making the most of what they had to work with. Vampires are very popular right now so many will be interested in this film, I can only say don't expect a lot from it and you will have a good time with it. Plus how can anyone not like a film with Tony Todd as it's lead vampire? MTI is the Independent studio for bringing us movies we have not even heard off before and to me that is a good thing in itself, Blood Wars may not be their best title but it certainly entertained me enough to recommend it to any fan of the genre. Release by MTI Video. ** 1/2 Out Of *****