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Christmas Caper

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Cast: Shannen Doherty, Ty Olsen

Director:David Winkler


Year: 2007


A Grinch-like thief retreats to her hometown in Connecticut after a con goes bad and gets stuck baby-sitting her niece and nephew until their parents can make it home for Christmas. She spends most of her time devising ways to even the score with Clive, her partner in crime, until the spirit of the holidays can help put her priorities back on track.

Christmas is a nice time because we get a lot of family movies that we can sit down with kids and all watch together. Christmas Caper is another example, Shannen Doherty stars in this made for TV caper, she plays Cate, a savvy thief who get betrayed by her partner and must run from the law. With her Sister and Brother-in-law stranded in the Bahamas, she hides out by baby-sitting her niece and nephew in Comfort, USA. Cate being Cate, she's less than thrilled. Cate grew up in comfort and her ex-boyfriend is now the sheriff. Her Nephew, Parker, takes after her, and Cate is not so sure that is a good thing. Can the holiday spirit melt her heart? Shannen plays her role to perfection and she looks as beautiful as ever as well. The rest of the cast, mostly unknowns all are very good as well including the young kids in the film. This might not go down as a classic Christmas but it is a well-acted cute film that has some great one-liners in it. I found myself laughing out loud several times during the film. The entire cast seemed to have a great time making this movie and it paid off on screen. If you missed this when it aired on Television last year now is your chance to not only see it but own it on DVD as well. A nice little film that creates laughs and touches your heart, you can't ask for anything more than that. Released by First Look Studios. *** 1/2 Out Of *****