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Masters of Horror: John Carpenter's Pro-Life

Horror NR. The story of a young girl trapped inside a clinic, who discovers the only thing more dangerous than her pursuers is the demonic secret that she carries within her. This is second DVD in season two of the Masters of Horror series and John Carpenter returns for his 2nd directing job after the fantastic debut in season one with "Cigarette Burns". This time he is not only out to shock but also there's a message on abortion here, one I will leave you to up to form your who opinion on. The film itself is fast paced and uses a couple different genre's to start off before shifting to horror, let me say right now those that have a weak stomach. There is some gorey murders here as well as an abortion scene I know many might be turned off by but for those that enjoy this side of the genre it delivers what it promises. The cast is very good including Ron Perlman as the father that may or may not be on a mission from a higher calling. The effects are top-notch and the score fits the mood just right. This is not as good as John's first season contribution but it is still thought provoking and highly entertaining. The DVD comes with special features that include:

Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0)

Commentary by John Carpenter and screenwriters Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan

"Final Delivery: The Making of Pro-Life" featurette

"Demon Baby: Birthing the FX Sequence" featurette

Storyboard Gallery

Still Gallery

Director Bio

Screenplay (DVD-ROM)

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. *** Out Of *****