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The Prince and Me: A Royal Honeymoon

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Cast: Chris Geere, Kam Heskin

Director:Catherine Cyran


Year: 2008


Six months after their marriage, the newly crowned king of Denmark, PRINCE EDVARD and his wife Dr. PAIGE MORGAN (once a farm girl from Wisconsin) are finally able to leave on their long-planned honeymoon. On their way to the airport, Eddie notices Paige is distressed by the constant paparazzi so he changes their travel plans at the last minute. They fly to Belavia, a remote Danish protectorate rich in natural beauty. Arriving at the Hotel Belavia ski resort, the staff promises to keep the couple's identity a secret, however they are recognized by OLIVER LAERTUS, a flunky for Eddie's nemesis, Prime Minister POLONIUS. Trouble arises when the couple runs into Paige's ex fiancÚ Scott ... Eddie immediately becomes jealous ... furthermore, he senses Scott cannot be trusted. As they take a tour of Belavia's natural beauty, Eddie and Paige discover that Polonius has given orders to bulldoze the precious forest ... to drill for oil. They realize they must do everything they can to try and put a stop to it and save the forest. But first they have to convince the Belavian ruler, Prince Georgiev ... outsmart Scott (who is also in on the devious plot) ... and finally, Eddie must take down Polonius in a showdown amidst the slopes.

The Prince and Me series has reached the trilogy level with the release of 'A Royal Honeymoon'. Like so many movies once they hit the 2nd and 3rd you get a completely different cast and that is the case here as well. By now you know this is not for everyone but if you liked the previous movies or just enjoy a light romance then there is no reason for you not to find this entertaining either. The new cast all do a great job including Chris Geere and Kam Heskin and the rest of the supporting cast as well. Director, Catherine Cyran is back after directing the second film as well. She has done a several movies before but never romantic comedies but she really seems to have a great eye for it. For any fan of the genre this is a light and entertaining film that more than serves up what it promises. The film is available on both DVD and BLURay. Released by First Look Studios. *** 1/2 Out Of *****