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Cast: Angie Everhart, Costas Mandylor, Christopher Atkins, and Laura Lane

Director:Winston W. Champ


Year: 2007


During a drug bust gone wrong Sean's partner is shoot dead in cold blood. Dramatically effected by his friends death and upset at the system he worked to uphold Sean quits the force and packs up his wife and daughter and moves to an isolated ranch. But the past is about to catch up with him as the killer he helped put behind bars for life has escaped and is hell bent on seeking revenge. Killing anyone in his path the killer is now closing in on Sean and they those he loves.

Payback is an action/thriller from first time Director, Winston W. Champ. Winston seems to have a pretty good eye for the genre mixing some drama in nicely with the action scenes. The cast he had at hand to work with doesn't hurt either including Christopher Atkins,Angie Everhart and Costas Mandylor as the killer looking to even a score. As you would expect the cast does a fine job, Costas always seems to handle his bad guy roles well. As far as the genre goes Payback is certainly not the best film out there and it doesn't really break any new ground and it doesn't come with any twists or turns but for a straight-forward action flick it is an entertaining enough Independent film for those looking for something different to watch. I seen better but I did enjoy this and was entertained enough to suggest a rental. Released by Maverick Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****