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A Broken Life

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Cast: Tom Sizemore, Corey Sevier, Grace Kosaka, Ving Rhames

Director:Neil Coombs


Year: 2007


Tom Sizemore delivers a powerhouse performance as Max Walker, an empty, bitter man who has decided to commit suicide. Instead of a leaving a note, he hires struggling young film student Bud to document the last day of his life. As Bud and his camera follow, Max roams the city sharing confessions, realizations and rants, confronting his former boss and ex-wife, and committing acts of insanity, heroism and possibly murder. But before the last bullet can be fired, will a final shocking revelation change both their lives forever?

The premise of a guy wanting to videotape his own suicide sounds pretty depressing but there is enough humor in the film to keep it from falling too deep into a totally bleak affair. Tom Sizemore plays Max, this man may have his personal demons but there is no denying his talent as an actor, he gives a brilliant performance here. Also Ving Rhames is excellent as well as a street bum or is he something else? I will leave that part for you to decide. Also the young man who plays max's best friend and the one filming his final day is played by Corey Sevier who gives a strong performance as well. Like I mentioned before the story is not a happy one, its about a man that just decides he has had enough of a life that just isn't want he wants it to be, but it is an interesting ride with a few twists along the way including a nice one at the end. I was looking forward to watching this movie since I am a fan of Tom Sizemore and his acting talent and neither him nor the supporting cast disappointed me. Plus the story felt fresh and there was never a moment when I felt bored, you feel as if your right along side Max for the ride. If your looking for something a little different I recommend this drama as it not only entertains but is thought-provoking as well with a stellar cast that delivers. Released by Starz / Anchor Bay. **** Out Of *****