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Dead Space: Downfall

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Cast:Bruce Boxleitner, Kelly Hu

Director:Chuck Patton


Year: 2008


On a deep space mining mission to a remote planet, an ancient religious relic - thought to be proof of the existence of God - is unearthed and brought aboard. When the unholy artifact unleashes a long-dormant alien race, its glimpse of Heaven transforms the ship into a living Hell. Prepare yourself for the disturbing opening chapters of the EA game that takes adult animation to graphic new levels of bloodshed and terror.

A film based on the popular video game, Dead Space is a Western made anime that delivers more than it fails. I have to admit I am not a video game kind of guy and really didn't know much about it before watching this film. This is a adult film, there is some swear words as well as violence and blood that you hardly ever see in any animation made in country so it was kind of a delight to see a serious film done this way. The film does lack some character development the the fantastic animation and the story itself are both more than enough to make any fan happy. Also the voice cast do a great job as well with what they had to work with. I recommend watching this before playnig the new game if you haven't yet as well. Dead Space is available on both DVD and BLURay. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****