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Unholy Reunion

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Cast: Jessica S. Lange,Jarrod Crooks,Nicole Blessing,Phil Berbig,Rachel Grubb

Director:Ric McCloud


Year: 2008


Adkov Telmig is a self-proclaimed artist, one day he comes home in a raging fit and destroys all his paintings and then storms upstairs to find his wife in bed with his agent. Adkov then kills the both of them and uses their skin as canvas for his art. Two years later he is finally caught and sentenced to life in prison. It is now twenty years later and State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Davis and his wife Julie have just celebrated the law school graduation of their daughter Rebecca. Rebecca has a group of her friends over as well to celebrate, when her father and mother leave to go work on a case Rebecca is left alone with her good friends to finish off the celebration, at least that is what they think. Adkov has escaped from prison and is headed straight for the Davis home, soon Rebecca meets up with him face to face and shocking surprises are revealed, will she and her friends stay alive till help arrives?

Unholy Reunion is a new Independent horror flick from Writer/Director, Ric McCloud. Ric really has a talent for not only the genre but for film-making in general, this is a well-paced and suspenseful thriller which not only reminded me a little of 'scream' but to me it also had a Hitchcock feel to it as well. There is a great mix of drama,humor and action as well. The cast is one of an ensemble, the acting varies like in any low budget production but over-all I thought the cast did a terrific job at their roles which were demanding in terms of not only the physical part but also the dramatic parts as well. The film itself looks fantastic, from the camera work to the lighting and the settings. The film itself like I stated before is a mix of sorts but the tension slowly builds and there's a few surprises towards the end as well that really made for a fantastic climax. There's not much in the way of gore, there is some blood with the killings but it is kept to a minimum which I felt was perfect cause it allowed me to focus more on the story and what was about to happen next. I am not only a supporter of Independent Cinema but I am also a fan and I can say that Unholy Reunion is a solid flim in it's genre, it not only provides some good suspense but it also brings new and clever ideas to the table, say that about what Hollywood has been producing as of late. Highly entertaining and fast paced, I look forward to a possible sequel and any other work from this promising Director and the entire cast of young talent. Speaking of young talent, I received this screening copy from Rachel Grubb, a talented and stunningly beautiful young lady that plays Adkov's wife in the film's opening scene, I certainly look forward to seeing a lot more of her in the near future as well. To keep up on the latest news about this film check out their site at Here. One reason Independent film is so good is the fact is it brings a lot of originally which is something lacking in today's cinema. Unholy Reunion is a fresh and enjoyable thrill ride that delivers, if your a fan of horror you are not going to want to miss this one. Released by Movie Freak Productions. **** Out Of *****